Foldable Electric Bikes – What to look for

foldable electric bikes

Deciding What You Need

When looking for a foldable electric bike, you need to first figure out what you’re using it for. Are you looking for a bike to commute to work? Are you looking for something that you can pack up and take with you in your luggage on vacation? How long are the rides you’re going to take? Think about these things, as you look at your options.


If you’re interested in a foldable commuter bike, you’re probably looking for a bike with full-sized wheels. The electric motor will allow you to get to work without breaking a sweat. If you hop on public transit for a leg of your commute, you’ll want to be able to fold it to an unobtrusive size. This doesn’t mean it has to fit in a small suitcase. Folding a full-sized bike in half will cut down on the space it takes up enough that it will not bother other commuters on the train.

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If you want a foldable electric bike for vacations, you might want to consider a compact-wheeled bike. This smaller version will pack up into case the size of a small suitcase. You can slide your bike into the back of your car with the rest of your luggage. If you’re flying, you can just check it with the rest of your baggage.


There is always a bit of give and take when looking at price, weight, and motor on a bike. If money is not an object, you can get a lightweight bike with a powerful motor that has pedal-assist and power-on-demand options. If you need to spend a little bit less money, you’ll have to choose whether you care more about weight or power.We highly recommend choosing weight over power in this choice.

Our Top 3 Foldable Electric Bikes

Foldable Electric BikeProdeco V3 Mariner Folding Electric Bicycle
Cyclamatic Bicycle Electric Foldaway Bike
Cellet Lightweight Foldable Electric Bike
Image & Price

Amazon Rating4.4 Stars4.5 Stars3.7 Stars
Customer reviews5 Reviews6 Reviews3 Reviews
Miles per charge253020
Weight42 lbs51lbs37lbs
Speed17 mph15 mph15 mph
Warranty2 Years1 Year1.5 Years

 Shape And Size When Folded

foldable electric bikesWhatever purpose you’re planning on buying the bike for, there is one thing you’ll definitely want to look for. The purpose of a folding bike is to be compact and portable. You want to be able to carry it with you on the train or lift it into your car when you head out on vacation. You absolutely should look for a lightweight bike. The motor on any electric bike will add to the weight of the bike.

You will want to look for a folding frame that won’t add much more weight to that. Furthermore, if your battery runs out of juice while you’re out riding, you’ll have to pedal home. At that point, you won’t care so much about the power your motor has, as it won’t be doing you any good. A lighter bike will be a lot easier to pedal when you’re not using the motor.


Folding electric bikes have a lot going on and a lot going for them. They can help you get all over town. They fold up into the trunk of a car. They can be the perfect commuter option, but they can also be pricey. Pick the features you care most about and narrow your options down to the perfect electric folder for you.

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