Currie Technologies Ezip Skyline Review – Men’s Electric Bicycle

ezip skyline reviewGet Back in Shape With a Little Assistance


Obesity is one of the largest problems facing Americans’ health today. Heart disease, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels are through the roof. Our “super sized” lifestyles have run away with us, and we need to do something to stop it. Unfortunately, for many people, starting any kind of exercise regimen can be so exhausting that, after just two or three days, they give up.

Other people simply do not have the strength and stamina to work out at a gym, take a long walk or run, or to go for a long bicycle ride. Here’s where the eZip Skyline electric bicycle comes in.

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The Skyline has an electric motor that you can engage whenever you need to assist you along your way. While it does not have a pedal assist setting, if you twist the throttle on just barely, instead of full-on, you’ll find that you get just enough assistance to pedal forward, using some of your own strength and some of the bicycle’s motor.

If you start riding with a Skyline, you won’t feel like you’re going to die when you hit that first big hill, or the second. The first day you go out, you may find yourself using the motor a lot, especially going up hill, but the next day you may find that you’re using it just a little bit less, and then a little bit less the next day.


Push Yourself

With a twenty-two mile range between battery charges, if you live close to your grocery store, you can get a light workout in and do your grocery shopping at the same time. You’ll save on gas money, do something good for the environment, and get some exercise when you would have been sitting in your car. You’ll be a lot less likely to give in to the temptation of a drive-through window on the way home, too.


ezip skyline reviewThe one issue we had with the Skyline is the same issue we have with all electric bikes. It’s not exactly lightweight. While it is certainly lighter than some of its competitors, it is still a heavy bike, and you should keep this in mind when you start riding it. If you get stuck somewhere far from home, and the battery dies, you will be pedaling all the way home or calling someone to pick you up.

Pushing your own weight and the weight of the bike can be very strenuous if you do not have assistance from the motor. To avoid this, we recommend regularly charging the battery, checking its charge before you leave the house, and pedaling as much as possible when you’re out riding. In fact, once you’ve been riding for a while, try taking it out one day and not using the motor at all.

Try this once or twice a week to build your strength and cardiovascular health. You’ll get stronger, and you’ll have more fun on the rides where you use the assist, too. Consistency is key. Go out on rides every day or every other day, and you’ll find you’ll fall in love with your new bike and your new, healthy lifestyle.

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