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With gas prices at all-time highs and a serious economic recession, more and more people are looking for ways to save money on fuel. They’re moving closer to work, taking public transit, carpooling, walking, and biking.

Some are lucky enough to work in environmentally aware offices that promote alternative transportation. They’re supplied with lockers and showers so that, when they get to work on their bikes, they can get freshened up and ready to look (and smell) professional for the rest of the day.

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Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. They have to show up for work looking fresh and crisp in business professional or business casual clothes, and a shower just isn’t an option. So are these less fortunate workers doomed to guzzle gas and drain their wallets for their commutes every day? No, actually.

For commuters who can’t show up to work sweaty; for people just getting back into shape who might need a push up that last hill; for shoppers lugging heavy groceries home from the store who’d just like a little assist; for all of these people, there is the eZip Trailz Electric Bike.


Without the electric motor engaged, this is just a normal, seven-speed bicycle that you pedal up hills and coast down. When the motor is engaged, the rider has two options. They can choose the pedal assisted throttle, which requires that they continue pedaling to keep going but aids the rider, giving the bike a little more boost.

Alternatively, they can use the TAG (Twist and Go) throttle, which turns the bicycle into a moped and lets you zoom away without any effort at all.


Get that Extra Push


We loved the eZip’s options for assistance. In the morning, if you’re running late for work, or you don’t have the time or place to freshen up after your ride, simply use one of the two assist systems. In the evening, then, you can get your workout on your way home, pedaling unassisted.


eZip Trailz Electric BikeThe eZip boasts a 15-22 mile range per battery charge, depending on user weight and input. If you rely too heavily on the assists, you may find yourself with a dead battery and no assistance at all. This isn’t a disaster by any means, as you can still pedal the bike back home unassisted. However, thanks to its motor and battery, the eZip is not a very light bike at 68 pounds. We recommend you do as much pedaling as you can without assistance. That way you’ll save your battery life and build strength and fitness, just in case you end up with a dead battery someday.


Overall, we think this is a really great product for commuters and anyone hauling groceries or other items around on their bike. It comes with a rack for panniers so that you can carry more cargo than you could in a backpack or courier bag. When you’re loaded down, you can use one of the assists to give you that boost you need to get up hills and back home without over-exerting.

If used strictly as a moped, we recommend that you charge it nightly, as you will drain the battery and end up stranded. We also recommend using the pedal assist system more than the TAG system. You’ll get more life out of the battery and a light workout, too. Have fun!

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