X-Treme XB-300li – Men’s Lithium Electric Powered Mountain Bike

x-treme xb-300liNot Your Average Electric Bike

X-Treme Scooters’ XB-300Li electric mountain bike is no ordinary bicycle. It’s not even an ordinary electric bicycle. While most electric bikes are aimed at commuting and city riding, this one lets you go further afield. It’s ready for on- or off-road use. At fifty-two pounds, while it is not the lightest bike on the market, it is not that much heavier than some entry-level mountain bikes you’ll find, bikes without electric motors and battery packs. Not only that, the XB-300Li has a maximum distance of twenty-five miles between charges, and it is rated to hold a maximum weight of three hundred and fifty pounds.

Most other electric bikes are only rated up to two hundred and forty pounds and have a maximum distance of twenty-two miles. While these are not astronomical differences, they could make all the difference to you getting home from a long ride or a long day at the office.

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The XB-300Li also comes with a headlight, a tool kit, and a cargo rack for carrying spare clothes, groceries, or whatever else you want to take along with you. With this bike, if you use it to commute, you can use the motor assist on the way to work so that you don’t work up a sweat when you have to look and smell professional all day. Then you can hit the road or the trail on the way home. If you’re riding along, and you see a path cut into some woods, go ahead and explore! If you want to cut through the park, go for it! We enjoyed this bike’s versatility and compliance on all kinds of terrain.


x-treme xb-300li reviewTaking Electricity Off Road

In addition to its motor, lightweight battery pack, ruggedness, and the high-quality headlight, we enjoyed a few other aspects of the bike, as well. While these things may seem small, they were very much a part of our overall good experience with the bike. The two-leg kickstand was a huge boon for us whenever we parked the bike.

You see, with traditional bicycle kickstands, you had better hope that you’ve parked your bike on level ground, and that the kickstand is not too long or too short. Add the weight of this bike and its motor and battery pack to that already unstable system, and you’ll watch your bike fall right over. With this strong, stable, scooter-style kickstand, you can safely park your bike – loaded down with gear or not – anywhere you like.

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We were also impressed with the suspension fork and the suspension seat post. These helped in dampening the shock of bumps and vibrations in the road to a great degree. They also helped a lot in our trips off road. However, these are not top-of-the-line suspension rigs. They can and will bottom out if you don’t ride with a bit of finesse. If you just un-weight the saddle a bit by flexing your legs when you see a bump coming, you’ll do yourself and the bike a big favor. That said, we rode this thing pretty hard, and we loved every minute of it.

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